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Environmental Science
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Chapter 19Sedimentary rocks with marine fossils that we find in mountains thousands of metres above sea level were believed to have been deposited by a worldwide flood Noahs flood18 century James Hutton father of modern geology discovered mountains are not permanentNo sign of a beginning or an endCharles Lyell Principles of Geology book processes operating at present are the same processes that operated in the pastuniformitarianismThe present is the key to the pastIn some countries actualism is used in place of uniformitarianismUniformitarianism has the same meaning as actualism for most geologistsClockRadioactivity was discoveredNumerical ageabsolute age given in years or some other unit of timeRelative timethe sequence in which events took placeGrand Canyonhorizontal layers of rock inclined layers rock underlying the inclined layers plutonic and metamorphic rock and the canyon itselfContactsthe surfaces separating two different rock types of rocks of different agesFormations are bodies of rock of considerable thickness with recognizable characteristics that make each distinguishable from adjacent rock unitsInterrelationships between layered rock mostly or sediment to interpret the history o
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