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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Notes

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 9: The Future of Planet Earth Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny: The building of the next super continent (Pangea 2) History doesnt repeat itself, . . .but it often rhymes Earths history tells us of the future All the continents are headed towards South East Asia In China when major earthquakes occur, it is because India is pushing up The mountain range that is the product of Africa colliding with Europe is the Alps We dont see volcanos is obduction zones In fold and thrust belts there is a lot of oil and gas because they contain the right structures to trap hydro carbons Ophiolite is the remnants of former oceanic crust and sediments that previously separated the 2 continents. Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny- spans from the Western Alps to the Tibetan Plateau Gondwana- was the southern continents of Pangea Cimmerian Orgeon was the pre-himalayan mountain range Foreland Basin- A foreland basin is a depression that develops adjacent and parallel to a mountain belt. Foreland basins form because the immense mass created by crustal thickening associated with the evolution of a mountain belt causes the lithosphere to bend, by a process known as lithospheric flexure. Just below the summit of mount everest is sedimentary rocks, and limestone. The more methane in the atmosphere the more heat gets trapped and the warmer the planet is. Brine is produced from enriched saline sea water that has been frozen. It has a higher
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