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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06LECTURE 1 Rocks Only records we have based on how the atmosphere evolved is rocksGlacier erraticmade out of a rock called marble marble use to be a rock called limestone These erratic tells us about the environment and help geologist put maps together Slide 2 Diagram showsContinents use to be together about 230 years ago it was called Pangeawhich is also called a super continent Pangeameans all the land is together in one place What happened to Pangea it broke apart made oceans like the Atlanticlater on in millions of years there will be another Pangea aka Anasia Super Continent Cycle Stratigraphyputting rocks in their relative age Im older than you are not exact age this makes up layers and makes up the evolution of earths surfaceAtlantic ocean is still widening and some people argue that it is starting to close We are at that face that the continent has disperse as far as they can go and they are starting to close ndLandmass 2 slide Vectora direction of movement and a velocity Velocity here is about 35cm paper thickness every year moving towards south west North AmericaAbout the diagrama vectorWhat can you infer from this diagramcontinents are coming back togethergeographic center will be made in south east chinaSuper continentAtlantic ocean is going t close and the pacific will close and North America will meet with Africa like it did millions of years ago the rate of movement is 37m a year averagevery small changes each year after billion of years will alter the configuration of the earths surfaceSlide 10 where is this located What two elements can you see
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