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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 LECTURE 2 FRIDAY JANUARY 21 2011 Two types of crust Oceanic Crusthigh density underlies oceans wants to sink back down into the plastic grounds underneath and makes floors slowly sink Continental Crustthicker floating on mantle belowMoho refers to the base of the crust Asthenosphereweak sphere hot plastic underneath the plates and helps plates move around Plate movementstalking about the crust and the upper part of the athenosphere moving together that enables the plates to move aroundDeeper interior of the planet is a result of geophysicsapplication of physical principles to the earth Earthquakesgenerate energy positive side Crust move relative to one another Fault PlaneThe surface between the moving blocks Faulta break in the crust a long crackEarthquakeWhen the block moves it creates energy Focuswhere the energy is released and the earthquake is triggered always undergroundThe depth of the focus determines how much damage happens on the earth more deeper the less damage Epicenterthe point directly above the focus dont want to be here during an earthquake Fault ScarpA cliffbluff a steep slope that results when one block is moved along another one Seismic risk assessmentassess what the danger is to communities as a result to earthquakes look for fault traceslines fault scarps etcRivers finds it easier to erode on fault traces Morphologicalwhat shape on the earth surface do these faults create Seismic Wavesenergy produced by earthquakes Creepnot all faults create earthquakes some faults are locked and store up energy then the creeping faults could explode and trigger a earthquake Fault Scarp in Japan
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