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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 – Planet Earth.docx

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 9Planet Earth Slide 1obduction the process by which continents collide no subductionpangea IInew supercontinent techtonic changes can makes changes over a long timescaleclimate changes in eastern Africa that promoted human development The future of Planet EarthSlide 2 reverse the order Today60 mya135 myapangea 2 locus of the next supercontinentSE Asian Japanfig 29 txtbk subduction zone right off Indonesia india being pushed up o the effects of india being driven up as a wedge effects a very large area o Afghanistan Pakistan and SE Asia are escaping as a resulto earthquake in japan for example is a result of the wedge caused by India o the collision start 20myathe mediterarian is a remnant ocean that is closingcaused by Africa movingthe Alpes are a product of Africa colliding with Europe melt large area of niceproduce graniterhyoliteo local melting do not see volcanoes in o
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