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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - How Oceans Die The Pacific Rim

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 5 - How Oceans Die: The Pacific Rim Monday, February 06, 2012 10:06 AM Pyroclastic debris - these volcanoes produce a lot of ash The Pacific Rim: New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Alaska, British Columbia, California, Chile The continents around the rim are growing at expense of the oceans --> subduction The continent is like a giant snow plow, scraping sediments and adding to the continent & oceanic crust is being recycled Older, thicker and heavier oceanic crust goes under other oceanic crust - when this happens, a new continent forms (continental crust) Water cools the magma and subduction begins (when the Earth first started) Massive displacement of the sea floor --> tsunamis Indonesia  Lahars - remobilization of ash by heavy rain like heavy mud (happened in Chile and wiped out a whole town)  Sulphur gas  Pyroclastic flow - avalanche of hot gas and very large boulders Japan  Most dangerous place on the rim  4 major plates are colliding! (Pacific, Phillipine, Eurasian and North American)  Major earthquakes  Bay waves - waves move to the coast  Earthquake last March - sudden slippage of ocean floor (7 m up and 25 m east!) Mount Fuji  They believe there's a goddess inside  Beds of pyroclastic flow and burnt trees  There hasn’t been an eruption in 700 years Mount Unzen  Deadliest volcanic disaster in 1792  Giant kashima (cat fish) legend  Neodani Earthquake in 1891 o Scarp: when a fault displaces land in a second o Seismology began because of this one event (study of earthquakes) o Strike-Slip Fault: horizontal and vertical movement  Nobi Earthquake in 1891 - political changes San Francisco  Transform Fault - plates sliding past each other (Pacific and North Ameri
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