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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Ch. 11 & 19, The History of Planet Earth Science of Geochronology

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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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Lecture 8 - Ch. 11 & 19, The History of Planet Earth: Science of Geochronology Monday, March 05, 2012 10:16 AM Archbishop Ussher 1581-1656  Declared in 1625 that "Earth formed at 9 am on October 26th 4004 BC"  Based on counting generations in the Bible But… Georgius Agricola 1494-1555  "Father of mining geology"  Recognizes that fossils are remains of marine organisms in 1531  De Re Metallica Nicholas Steno 1631-1686 "Mountains can be raised and lowered, land can be conveyed from one place to another" 1790-1820: The Industrial Revolution  Watt's steam engine  Scientific revolution  Great demand for resources… and geologists 1830s: Discovery of the origin of coal:  Formed in situ from plant debris growing in swamps  Confirmed by discovery of in situ lithified tree trunks in coal seams  Coal: slow lithification of peat William 'Strata' Smith 1769-1839 Smith was a canal engineer First geologic map was produced by Smith however first geologic map was actually produced in Ancient Egypt 1) Law of strata superposition 2) Law of faunal succession Sir William Logan's Geological Map of Upper Canada 1865 The beginnings of modern day Canada because of coal The "Scottish Enlightenment" c. 1730-1830 Joseph Black - chemistry James Hutton - was a farmer contributed to geology, founder of modern geology Adam Smith - famous economist James Watt - steam engine Walter Scott - novelist Oil shale in Scotland An English visitor to Edinburgh remarked: "Here I stand at what is called the Cross of Edinburgh, and can, in a few minutes, take 50 men of genius and learning by the hand." Facies: means 'appearance of' Geologists speak of rock facies James Hutton 1726-1797 1. Recognized 'UNCONFORMITIES' within layers of rocks and the igneous origin of granite 2. Proposed concept of 'UNIFORMITARIANISM' (the present is the key to the past) 3. Came into
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