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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 10: Canadas Geologic Journey- The Last 4 Billion Years Outline of lecture: (Read Chapter 20) continents grow through time by obduction North American continent shows 5 groth stages Arctica 2.7 Ga Columbia 1.8 Ga Rodinia 1.0 Ga Arctica, Columbia and Rodinia make up the Canadian Shield (the Craton) Pangea assembly 350 Ma: Maratime Canada is during Appalachian Orogeny (Appalachian Mountains) Pangea Breakup <200 Ma: British Columbia is added during Cordilleran Orogeny (eg. Rockies) The Canadian shield is the core of Canada The breakthrough has been our ability to date things. Tom Krogh was an expert on dating rocks. Acasta Gniess (NWT) is over 4.1 billion years old and are the oldest rocks found in Canada. However technically it is not because it has gone through metamorphosis therefore there was once an older rock Detrital- is related to detritus which is basically garbage. Detrital means having been derived from something else. Deconstructing North America: (refers to image in slideshow slide #9) 1. The original North American continent, Arctica, which started to form about 2.5 billion years ago from smaller continents and was completed by about 1.9 billion years ago when old Archean cratons were welded together by t
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