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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

LECTURE EIGHT: Near Japan there is a pacific plate which caused the earthquake Extremely dangerous area around the rim, epicenter is about 80km offshore Japan moved 25m due to the earthquake in less than an instant, moved east Moved 25m in one go because the plates were locked and then they were released; were under a huge amount of stress which caused such a huge earthquake Plates should move about 2.5cm per year The recurrence intervals for these super quakes are about a thousand years Japan goes east and the pacific plate underneath goes west Killed people because the vertical uplift which was like tilting up the ocean floor which went west to Japan which caused a tsunami The edge of the plate springs up from being dragged then the earthquake happens and the plates becomes unlocked and the overriding plate comes up Stratigraphy is very simply arranging rocks in terms of their age for example if you were in Eastern Japan if you wanted to know the prewritten history earthquakes then you looked for deformed sediments that may have been folded or buckled Different fossil types can show evolutionary change through time The earth is about 4.56 billion years old Relative age of rocks you can find out by the nature of the relationships you see in the layer e.g one rock is older than another therefore its the relative age As you come up in the stratigraphy you get younger Sometimes we cant date rocks thats when we use relative rock dating Ancient Greeks recognized fossils embedded in rocks now on top of mountains they got there Strata beds; older strata are at the bottom Each layer may have a distinct fossil type and we can use that type to correlate the rocks that we see in one location with the rocks that we see in another one; maybe
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