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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

LECTURE NINE: The plate tectonic future of planet earth: alpine Himalayan orogeny (the building of the next supercontinent), obduction processes as Indian sub-continent collides with asia, destruction of the Tethys ocean, uplift of the Himalayas and climate change Tectonic plates can change climate on much longer time scales, we would not be sitting here today if it wasnt for this major orogenic belt because its formation basically changed global climate and it let to the cooling of the planet History doesnt repeat itself but it often rhymes Plates are headed to south east Asia, therefore that will be the locus of the next super continent Indian subcontinent before it collided with Asia but when it did it buckled and created the Himalaya mountains India was pushing into the Asian continent and also spreading it and therefore we have little rift basins developing as well; the effects of India being driven up as wedge is that the effcts are felt over a very large area for example some middle eastern continents are escaping are heading opposite of the path of India Mediterranean is a remnant of the ocean that lay between Africa and Europe that is closing and it will be gone as Africa continues its northern movement, the Swiss alps are a result of this northern movement Granite is much more acidic then basalt therefore granite has a higher content of silica Rhyolite is produced highly volcanic We dont see volcanoes in obduction zones therefore there are none in the Himalyas Fold and thrust belts is where the cover rocks sitting on top of the continental rocks have been shoved and have been squeezed basically In terms of resources, oil and gas will be in fold and thrust belts Ophiolite is the remnants of oceanic crust from the ocean that previously separated the two continents Green stone belts are same thing as above
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