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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

 Can split continents  EX.Japan How do mountain ranges form? Orogenies and Plate Convergence Orogeny (Mountain/Formation) – is an episode of mountain building, intense deformation of the rocks in a region.  Arc-Continent Convergence o When an island arc collides with a continent it destroys oceans by subduction o Flipping Subduction Zone - Direction of the new subduction is opposite to the direction of the original subduction  Continent-Continent Convergence o Mountain belts form when an ocean basin closes and continents collide o EX. Appalachian Mountains o DIAGRAM PAGE 51  Ocean-Continent Convergence o EX. South America plate overriding the Nazca plate How do plate change over time? Plate Boundaries  Nothing is fixed in plate tectonics (boundaries, subduction, etc.) California’s San Andreas Fault  A transform boundary  Trying to jump inland again Plate Size  Plate’s sizes can change (smaller, larger, etc.)  Nazca Plate = Smaller  North America Plate = Larger What causes plate motions?  Convection in the mantle  Gravity  Movement of mantle rock beneath the plate Why do plates diverge and sink? 1. Ridge push – as plates move away from a divergent boundary it cools and thickens, plates are pushed apart and slide downhill on the sloping boundary between the lithosphere and asthenosphere 2. Slab-pull – dense leading edge of a subducting plate sink
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