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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Harold Hess: -introduced idea of sea floor spreading -sea floor created at MOR’s recycled into mantle at trenches GET FROM MANFRED ON MSN Inclination: inclination of magnetic line of force within the earths magnetic field (changing depth/controls latitude) Declination: the orientation of anything with respect to magnetic north (has a declination of 0-360) Acicular: needle like -The Earths magnetic field is not stable. Periodically the Earth’s magnetic field flips, north magnetic pole changes to south. -There are present orientation of Earth’s magnetic field, there is also lava that flows, showing reverse magnetism. Magnetic stripes -magnetometer surveys of ocean floor identified patterns of anomalies on each side of MOR’s -patterns matched pattern of magnetic reversals Paleomagnetism (a magnetic time scale) -magnetic reversals in lavas average every 500,000 years -takes = 10,000 years or less for a reversal to occur - If we know the timing of the reversals, we can map and determine the age of the ocean floor Epoch: a period of geological time MOR’s produce oceanic crust -the factories where we produce the ocean floor -crust produced in subduction zones (melts and creates new crust) The highs of the ocean floor mean that there is a positive magnetic anomaly -the magnet stripe on the floor indicate sea floor spreading Diatoms: living
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