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Lecture 1

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 1- EESA06 • Pangea o Pan: all together o Gea: like geo, geology o Pangea broke apart, there was no Atlantic Ocean until Pangea broke off • Continents dispersing and can predict with accuracy of weather • Some called it Amasia • Pangea breaks up and all the bottom of oceans form • Break up of super continents happens about every 400 million years • Stratigraphy: putting rocks in their relative age, may not know their absolute age o Putting rocks in relative and can find out earth’s evolution era • Some argue that Atlantic Ocean just beginning to stop widening o At phase where continents disperse as far as they can go and they stop moving • Vector: direction of movement and velocity o Velocity: moving about 3.5-3.7 cm every year • Earthquake prone area in Canada: BC, St. Lawrence, Ottawa, along West coast is active plate margin, we are moving Southwest • More people living in big cities, increase risk of natural disasters, having greater effect on the surroundings o We are more exposed • Geophysics equipment: used to see what’s underwater • Derrick: drilling tower • Paleo: old How planet Earth Works: Plate Tectonics (Chapters 1 and 2 in textbook) Key concepts for first two quizzes: • Formation of planet Earth 4, 500 million years before present • “continental drift” and Pangea: 1912 (Alfred Wegener) • Sea floor spreading: 1960 (Harold Hess) • Magnetic stripes on ocean floor and wander paths for continents: 1965 (Fred Vine) • Mind-ocean ridges and hot spots: 1965 (Tuzo Wilson) • Plate tectonics and Wilson Cycle: 1967 (Tuzo Wilson) • Ancients Greeks first people to say that Earth surface move around • Wegener first person to say that Earth surface move around o Craters on Moon results of meteorites o Continental drift: drift of continents o No one believed him o It was rejected as an idea- how can solid rock move around o Not until WW2 when people started to figure out what was on ocean floors- submarines, radar There are mountain ranges in ocean floors and they are active volcanoes • Idea that ocean widening as result of volcanic activity- Hess o Pushing continents around • Wilson: put all information together and figure out plate tectonics • Continen
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