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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 9 Alpine Himalayan Orogeney: The building of the next supercontinent (Pangea II) Orogeny process in mountain building Orogen the rocks that are being formed (folded rocks, metamorphic rocks etc) In about 200 million years time, involves a process of obduction Atlantic will start to close Plate map: red arrow = direction, length of arrow=velocity Locus of next supercontinent = japan, south east asia Fig 2.29 in textbook india driven north pushing into asian continent creating Himalayan mountains effects are also felt over large area (Pakistan, Afganistan tring to escape) o China experiencing earthquakes bc of india pushing north o Pushing about 12million years ago Alpes = Africa colliding with Europe Common type of rock high grade metamorphic rock granite Granite (high content of silica, acidic) than basalt o Rhyoulite No volcanoes in obduction zone Fold and thrust belt cover sediment rocks o Whats in these in terms of resources= oil and gas Ophiolite left over from ocean green rocks from basalt (erupted in water, has pillows) Obduction Processes as Indian Sub-Continent Collides with Asia The process where continents collide (way we grow continents), no subduction (losing ground mass) involved so no volcanoes, just earthquakes Destruction of the Tethys Ocean Alpine Himalayan creation = Tethys ocean is disappearing
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