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Lecture 5

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Environmental Science
Michael Wells

Lecture 5  When ocean’s close: magama has slicar….lots of stuff blown up into air and sudden release of gas…pyroclastic depris (fire/break) …volcanos use a lot of ash.  Floor of pacific ocean is being pushed down : subduction zones and continents are moving in  Continents that are growing around the crust are subducted….at the expense of the ocean.  Magma moves up and picks up silica –destroyed volcanoes and continents grow in result  Adding to continues while recycling oceanic crust  Density: driving plate underneath(heavier crust goes down )  Japan is island arc: embryonic continent : how first crust started four billion years ago-> magma ocean “earth a huge red ball”  -thought ocean water came out of magma ->subduction  Tsunamis, sea floor falling and sea water displaces because sediment is scraped  Volcanic island arcs: where oceanic crust is subducted below other oceanic crust –merapi volcano-indonesia;s most dangerous and active –made up of jojned up volcanoes…steep and unstable and collapse  Jegjacarter: underneath and is threatened…the guy knows what do and he thinks he is a intermediary “kris” symbol of royal power made of mediorite medal  Latal blast….sideways blast ..huge rural populations live here ..on the side slopes of the volcano and undergo weathering by producing fertile soil  Flood bassals-highly viscious  Laha-indonesian word for remobilization of ash and reworking of ash by heavy rain …topical psycholone turn up ash and mud …chilian city is buried by laha  -top has cracks…and it can collapse …prioclastic blow  Avalanche gas and prioclastic blow-dense, large boulders (quickly)  Laser beams deross slope of volcanoes (depositis) killed 53 people.  Japan most dangeroust place on the rim and lies on four major plates: pacific ocean on the right underlined by the pacific plate is moving to the left….which is pushing down below Japan. ..subduction zone is pushing down below japan….  Subduction has so much friction that plate margin will lock …slippage of pacific plate …baywave- waves r moving into the coast and they get concentrated : increase in height.  Change in elevation :-0 to 0+ so Tokyo sea floor is moving down…japan moving down ..titliting ocean floor down and height exceeded coastal  Tsunami in 1896-22, 000 people killed and didn’t get reported because it was common. Uplift on outer part and substance around the coast. ….25metres of how pacific ocean is dying because japan is moving eastward ..others are moving to the west.  Populations have grown in size-risk increases
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