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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 notes

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

LECTURE 11 FRIDAY APRIL 8, 2011 ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES EXAM FRIDAY 9-12, 120 QUESTIONS MC, GYM CHAPTER 20 + CONCENTRATE ON PLATE TECTONICS (SUBDUCTIONCROSS SECTIONSOBDUCTIONNAME & LABEL DIAGRAMS) 1 Environmental Geoscience o All about protecting human society from natural hazards o Urban shadow economic influence on the environment (ex. changing the whole circulation pattern of the lake) o Ground water comes through rocks when rocks are fractured from plate tectonics o Whats the problem with surface water? Ans. Polluted spills, mercury from the air o Watersheds impacted by urban development, less water goes into the ground, the discharge of the river become much more flashy response times are almost immediate, this causes a lot of flooding and erosions o Wastes must be put in landfills basically holes in the ground where you put waste in, the waste is like a tea bag when it rains and snow melts, water goes down through the waste and produces something called lehchate The lechate then moves out from the bottom of the pit as a plume something like smoke Modern landfills need to have liners thick plastic liners, clay layers, pipes to collect the lehchate There is about 1200 landfills in southern Ontario o Remediation of contaminated sites Brown field sites sites that we used years ago and people want to reuse for buildings A lot of chemicals are used to clean up remediated sites Ex. horse manure helped clean up a site that was contaminated with gasoline o Radon Gas A product of the break down of uranium Radon gas is colorless, odorless, invisible Radon gas breaks down to polonium which is solid and people breathe this in and it can cause health problems This is important in Canada because we have a lot of granite and a lot of shales which contains a lot of uranium which causes radon gas o Climate warming affects 1998 was the warmest year Some people argue that the earth is cooling o Mining and quarrying Whats the biggest one in Canada now? Ans. Alberta, Oil sand sand is used to get oil out 2 Scope of environmental geosciences Understand earth processes Providing resource security Helping society adjust to global change Providing reliable information for planning and environmental decision making Protection from natural hazards Public health and safety 3 Cost of natural disasters Hydro-meteorological, biological things like diseases, geological United States experiences the greatest cost from natural hazards because its a bigger areacitiesurban areas. The US, China, Japan as urban area get bigger they are more susceptible to hazards, life become more dangerous Urban population is increasing 80% of Canadians live in urban areas, 81% in Australia live in urban areas 4 5 6 Anthropocene The Epoch Of Man The last period of earth history the one we are living in
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