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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 9 The plate tectonic future of planet earth where are we headed? 2 What will happen in the future to planet earth? o Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny: The building of the next supercontinent (Pangea II) Obduction - The process where by we collide continents together, no volcanoes but big earthquakes. Very important to grow continents. Subduction destroys crust and obduction collides crust and create bigger continents Canada million of years ago were little continents (provinces) and then they collided together and created one big continent North America o Obduction processes as Indian sub-continent collides with Asia o Destruction of the Tethys Ocean Tethys Ocean is gone, all of its crust is now in the Himalayas, this ocean was big as the Pacific Ocean o Uplift of the Himalayas and Climate Change Tectonic processes can change climate on much longer time scales The oregenic belt (Himalayas) changed climate and it lead to a cooling of the planet of the last 20 million years Because of the uplift of the Himalayas belt we have a cool climate and an arctic. Climate changed in east Africa promoted human development. 3 The phase we are in right now is one where the continents are moving apart The Atlantic will start to close, the pacific I already closing Reverse the process and we will know what the planet will look like (Pangea II) 200 million years time there will be new organisms around, our planet is doing well right now 4 Red arrows indicate the direction the plates are moving in The length of the arrow is the velocity Where is it headed? Japan, Southeast Asia will be the locus of the next super continent 5
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