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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 In Class Notes

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

- Doming continental crust** - Continents dome because of a plume of hot mantle and develops a triple junction (three major fraction that can be various km wide [each of these arms is called a rift]) - along the floor of these rifts an area is usually going down called subsiding - the evolution of the triple junction leads to only one rift opening up to develop into an ocean, this leads to failed rifts - Failed rifts are preserved in modern continents from the breakup of Pangaea (Ottawa river valley and the St. Lawrence river valley are examples of failed rifts) these are important not just in case of resources but also control where large rivers flow. They also generate earthquakes. - An ocean is described as having a mid-oceanic ridge (the Red Sea is an embryonic ocean that will eventually spread and grow) - The East African rift formed by the east African plume, the horn of Africa a.k.a. the Somalian plate will break away from Africa - Fissures are
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