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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 Quiz 2 Page 1 User Celia Duong Submitted 2/3/11 9:43 PM Name Quiz 2 - regarding lecture 3 (no readings) Status Completed Score 29 out of 35 points Time Elapsed 28 minutes, and 10 seconds out of 1 hour Question 1 Why is Dr. Eyles floating? Answer Selected Answer: d. because the sea is so salty Correct Answer: d. because the sea is so salty Question 2 What was the purpose of the first known geological map? Answer Selected Answer: c. finding coal Correct Answer: d. finding gold Question 3 The Dead Sea is made of brine. Answer Selected Answer: Right Correct Answer: Right Question 4 Tor is a landform named after a god. Answer Selected Answer: False Correct Answer: False Question 5 What is a failed rift? Answer Selected Answer: b. an ancient rift Correct Answer: b. an ancient rift EESA06 Quiz 2 Page 2 Question 6 What type of rock is sandstone? Answer Selected Answer: d. sedimentary Correct Answer: d. sedimentary Question 7 What is a hippostyle hall? Answer Selected Answer: d. a columned arcade in a temple Correct Answer: d. a columned arcade in a temple Question 8 The Ottawa Valley is an ancient aulacogen (failed rift). Answer Selected Answer: True Correct Answer: True Question 9 The floors of rifts are often below sea level because the water is very deep. Answer Selected Answer: True Correct Answer: False Question 10 The Somalian Plate is colliding with East Africa. Answer Selected Answer: Disagree Correct Answer: Disagree Question 11 What does bioclastic refer to? Answer Selected Answer: c. limestone made up of broken shells Correct Answer: c. limestone made up of broken shells EESA06 Quiz 2 Page 3 Question 12 Pylon is ___. Answer Selected Answer: b. part of an Egyptian quarry Correct Answer: c. none of the other answers is correct Question 13 Whose geological map changed the world and when? Answer Selected Answer: d. William Smith, 1815. Correct Answer: d. William Smith, 1815. Question 14 The Egyptian obelisk in Las Vegas was made in Egypt 500 years ago. Answer Selected Answer: No Correct Answer: No Question 15 Which rock type is this sarcophagus carved from? Answer Selected Answer: d. porphyry Correct Answer: d. porphyry Question 16 REMEMBER - if you are not using Internet Explorer your mouse crosshairs will appear in the corner of the image instead of where you click. However, I will still receive the coordinates according to where you actually click. Click on the spot where Erte Ale is located. Answer Selected Answer: 192, 142 Correct Answer: Top Left Coordinates (175, 139) Bottom Right Coordinates (230, 178) Instructor selection and student response EESA06 Quiz 2 Page 4 Question 17 How old are the Egyptian pyramids? Answer Selected Answer: d. 4500 years Correct Answer: d. 4500 years Question 18 A new ocean results from rifting. Answer Selected Answer: Yes Correct An
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