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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

EESA07_sept9 Prof : Jovan Stefanovic  [email protected]  Office hours : Fridays 3 :30-4 :30 PO (portable) 104 room#109 CBC water vidéo  Two assignments o Discussion on sept 30 and nov.4  TA : o Herb Maier o Andrew Chi-Wai  TA’s room : SW 511A o Office hours : TBA on Blackboard Why is it important to study water?  Water resource: vital and threatened  Out lives and our prosperity depend on water  Water has many parallel functions Water crisis:  Scarcity  Pollution  Wasteful use  Environmental degradation  Climate change  Water conflict  Inadequate human access to safe water and sanitation The challenge for future sustainable use of the water resources  Three questions : o How much water will we need in the future? o Where will the addition water come from? o How to achieve tehe sustainable use of water resources?  Food production WATER ORIGINE Outgassing : gases trapped in the planet’s interior were released, continues today from active volcanoes  Gaseous components of modern eruptions: water vapour, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide…  As earth cooled, water vapor condensed to form clouds and torrential rains began to fill low-laying areas forming the oceans The Water Environment of Early Civilization  Mesopotamia 7000 BCE : Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, irrigation canals, small dams  Egypt 6000 BCE : Egypt is “the gift of the river” o Eg
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