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Lecture 3

EESA09 Fall 2011 Lecture 3 Notes

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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

EESA09H WINDLecture 3 Notes Outline of this lecture Part I Hurricane PrimerHurricanesPart II Storm ResearchHurricanes please read the papers to know the detailSteenhof and Gough 2007Ralph and Gough 2007 1 Part 1 Hurricane Primer11 Hurricanes Five elements will be covered definitions dynamics distribution and forecasting climate change111 DefinitionsHurricaneNorth American term from the Taino language of Central America meaning god of evil TyphoonTerm used in the Western Pacific from the Chinese word taifung meaning big wind CycloneTerm used in Australia and in the Indian Ocean Tropical CycloneTerm used in the scientific communityWhat is a tropical storm A tropical storm is defined as a storm occurring in the ootropical region 20N to 20S in which the sustained winds range from 18 to 33 msWhat is a hurricane It is a tropical storm in which the sustained winds range from 33 ms to 50 msWhat is a major hurricane It is a tropical storm which has sustained winds which exceed 50 ms Another way to classify and quantify hurricanes is the SaffirSimpson Scale It is a rating scale spanning from 1 to 5 and is based on wind speed and the central pressure of the hurricane For context the average air pressure at sea level is 1013 mb Relatively small variations about this value less than 10 characterize the high and low pressures on the planet All storms involve low pressures
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