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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

Lecture 1- EESA09 - office: SW648 classroom: sy110 -final is cumulative -in class- quizes -group quizzes -outside class participation: weather station tours -i-clicker: if u use, final will be 50'% - quiz-20 minutes − voluntary tutorial sessions after midterm − also peer students availble for help (blackboard) - MIDTERM: JUNE 27TH WIND -looking at wind chill -wind mythology: Greeks, there are 4 wind gods and match profile we experience every season - Boreas: winter -Notos: in june-july -Eurus- storm like situation -N.American Indian: wind has huge influence in their life, wind is source of human creation − cultural winds: Hurricane movie there was no hurricane but protagnosist metapophorically played as a hurricane − wind in architecture: tower built History Of Wind − geological era: what was atmosphere like 4.6 billion years ago? Diff form today, − no matter what change is brought on the atmopshere, it always same In the beginning -life appeared 3.8 billion years ago - there was abrupt change in atmosphere -James Lovelock-basic concept is tht survival of the fittest -same situation was there on earth but changed from switching from anaerobic condition to aerobic condition 2.3 m years ago Gaia Hypothesis − early sun produced less energy − early earth it was so warm, impossible for life to survive History of Wind − moving towards new era − industrial revolution Story of Coal − technological era **Quiz will be based on next week lecture material (1 question, max: 6 sentences, on sheet of paper)** Composition of theAtmosphere -highest is nitrogen 78% in air − if u draw line down the middle (gases on the left are beneficial to us, not harmful are zeros) − right side:
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