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Environmental Science
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Tanzina Mohsin

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EL Nino southern oscillation Define: An example of atmosphere-ocean circulation - Consists of 2 components -El Nino (first component of ENSO, ocean part) - Sothern oscillation (second part of ENSO, atmospheric part) EL NINO - Strong wind blowing west along equatorial pacific, causes warm water in to the pacific - Warm surface water = conditions for big storm in eastern pacific - Cold water rises causing high amounts of warm water in eastern equatorial pacific - Trade winds waken warm water masses, form western pacific to eastern Hurricane analyses in great lakes - Never more then 1/year - clustering *refer to lec notes for examples of hurricanes Midlatitude Cyclone o o Define: low frontal system, (35 – 60 required) , occure every 4-7 days in season. 100-1000 km range, low intense winds. Climatology of midlatitude - Polar front region b/w polar & ferrel cells Fronts - Stationary front -Stable, low pressure, horizontal winds - Cold fronts -Cold air pressure in warm air, precipitation along front,15-25 knot speeds -Warm fronts - Warm air pushing into cold air mass, little precipitation -Occluded front - Cold front catches up with warm front, warm air above s
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