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Lecture 8

Notes based on Video shown in Lecture 8

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Video 4: Diet and Disease in Modern Society Relationship between diet and disease we are what we eat Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY): the influence of disease on populations by calculating the years of healthy life lost through poor health or disease o Tobacco responsible for 9.8% of total DALY o Diet or Nutritional Intake responsible for 10% of total DALY Obesity 4.7% Inadequate consumption of vegetables 2.8% High blood cholesterol 2.1% Other nutritional factors 0.3% Diet increases our susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some cancers (major diseases, but not the only ones) Cardiovascular Diseases lead to a variety of health conditions: o Heart Disease o Stroke Diabetes is susceptible among people who: o Overweight o Inactivity o Poor diet Cancers and Diet: o Stomach o Breast o Colon and Bowel o Lung o Uterus o Prostate Apart from diet, other risk factors that increase susceptibility to many conditions include: improper sanitation and inactive life style, high blood pressure and smoking Individual Health Influences: when we look at food for an individuals life style, we have to consider all the risk factors in their lives e.g. obesity and smoking
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