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Lecture 2

Week 2 Lecture

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Environmental Science
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Jovan Stefanovic

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TAs (office SW511A) James Nugent (A - F) Lisa Tutty (H- L) Slawomir Kowal (M -S) Smriti Das (T - Z and G) (A Z first letter of the students last name) Airborne Hazards and Human Health Global problem, used to be local problem but now is a global problem from continent to continent There is no place that is perfectly safe from pollution In industrialized areas, concentration of pollution is higher Case study 1: London smog, 1952 represents landmark for air pollution The revolution and solution with air pollution started In beginning of December in 1952, the air was steady and cold So they need extensive heating in their homes for a long time The source of energy at that time almost exclusively was the coal Coal contains a lot of sulphur, when burning the coal, sulphur is released in sulphuric gas There was no wind to distribute the sulphuric gases and evacuate matter (smoke) to distribute it further, gas was stagnant So after a couple of days, everything combined with industries with same gases, and with the weather, it resulted in very thick smoke What the people felt at first felt burning sensation in their throat, had difficulty to breathe and would choke During this ten days, about 4000 people died from this, many got poisoned, got sick, young children, people with history of asthma and chronic diseases suffered most The disease was resolved by itself, no one did anything about it The wind started blowing and distributed the pollutants from the area Why it was a landmark was because the British government started investing money into sulphur in solving this city It was not just a landmark for the British, but It was also a landmark for other parts of the world A man guides a London bus through thick fog with a flaming torch during the 1952 Great Smog The smog was the result of coal burning The Relationship Between Smoke And Sulfur Dioxide Pollution And Deaths During The Great London Smog, December 1952, Source: Wilkins, 1954
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