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Environmental Science
Silvija Stefanovic

Lecture 6 EESA10 1 Lecture 6 Radionuclides Radiation and health  We are exposed to radiation on the planet because there is a significant nature radiation  When nature radiation interacts with manmade radiation (electrical, medical equipment etc)  These kinds of radiation should be controlled and monitored  Majority of radiation is coming from natural resources  Not all kinds of radiation are equally dangerous or they release the same kind of radiation Radiation is divided into two main groups  Ionized radiation o This radiation has a short rate but high energy o These kinds of radiation are able to (when they strike atom) remove electrons and to change the state of atoms o Since they have a high energy, they are able to break chemical bonds  Non-ionized radiation o It was thought they are not very harmful o Despite the fact they have low energy, they are dangerous too o If this exposure is to low levels of energy filled radiation, it is equally harmful Ionized radiation  Able to strip away electrons from atoms and break some chemical bonds  They differ in amount of energy  Two main health affects are stochastic and non-stochastic  Stochastic health effect o It means something happening by chance o They are chronic effects (long term can be passed for effects to show) o These are usually in companies or constant low level exposure o The severity of the symptoms do not depend on the intensity of exposure o In a human body growth of cells is controlled but if this mechanism is interacted, the cells start multiplying uncontrollably  Radiation is able to control this mechanism and this results into cancer o Radiation is able
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