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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Video Everyday carcinogens: Acting for Prevention in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty (Featured by Dr. Sandra Steingraber) trying to connect evidence of cancer and the environment together no one study that constitutes what we in the scientific community would call absolute proof of a connection between cancer and the environment o what exists are many well designed, carefully constructed studies that all together tell a consistent story The first line of evidence o Canadian data or the US data, the overall picture is very similar. And what it does show is that non-tobacco related cancers have been rising in incidence among all age groups from infants up to the elderly, among all ethnicities and among both sexes. And these increases are definitely apparent since the early 70s. Now changes in hereditary patterns cant account for these increases in cancer. Were not developing more tumors because we are now sprouting new cancer genes. Nor can improved detection. It is true that some of the apparent rise in cancers is attributable to better and earlier screening, but the most swiftly accelerating rates are among those cancers for which we have no effective screening tools. These include childhood cancers which have more than doubled since I was born in 1959 and have jumped ten percent in the last decade alone. We have no life-style factors that we can attribute to the diseases Ive just talked about. They are not related to smoking. They dont seem to be related to diet or exercise. We have eliminated those possibilities. Since early and better screening cant explain why the increa
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