Week 7 Lecture

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Radiation and Human HealthRadiation and Human Health We cannot escape radiation1 Background radiationNatural radioactivity in the Earth and by cosmic rays from outer space Cannot be controlledNo serious human health impact2 Manmade radiationelectronic products Xray machinesX ray diagnosticTelevision sets Microwave ovens Radar devices Lasers Can be controlledSerious human health impactsIonizing Radiation Exposure to the Public55 of the total radiation comes from radonNatural radiation 82Manmade radiation is 18Radiation and Human Health Ionised radiationoHave high energy able to release photon which can push out electrons from the chemical compounds from our body and ionize themoThey can also break down the chemicals in our body they have enough energy to do thatoThey are short wavesoWe know there are harmful human impacts Nonionized radiation oThey have low energy cannot remove the electrons cannot break the compounds in our body and have long wavesIonised radiationHow does ionised radiation cause health effects Radioactive material that decay spontaneously produce ionizing radiationo Strip away electrons from atoms create two charged ions o Break some chemical bonds Alpha beta particles gamma and xrays differ in the amount of energy they haveHealth effects from exposure to radionuclideswwwnotesolutioncom
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