Week 8 Lecture

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Biological Hazards and Human HealthBiological Hazards Nontransmissible diseases cardiovascular cancer diabetes asthmaoThe cause of disease is not a living thing usually its a combination of different factors usually it takes a long time to develop many causes Transmissible diseases infectious agent such as bacteria viruses protozoa or parasitesoThe living thing is the causeliving thing is called infectious agentoSomething that carries the infectious agent can be water air food mosquitoesvectors that transmit diseasesoCan be transferred from person to personoIn history we were not aware of the causes but it took a long period of time for diseases to spread eg Europe plague took a month to spread today people are commuting and travelling within a couple of hours diseases spread Growing germ resistance to antibioticsgermsbacteria are able to multiply very quickly within 24 hours High reproductive rate allow them to become genetically resistant quicklyoBacteria can have mutations Overuse of antibiotics Antibiotics in food additives to boost livestockoWe are exposed to antibiotics in food meat productionBiological Hazards Bacteriacannot multiply outside the human body need the human cell to multiply cannot survive outsideo Tuberculosiso Anthraxo Different forms of Plague Viruseso Yellow Fever o HIVo SARSo Bird Fluo Smallpoxo West Nile Virus Protozoao MalariaBACTERIAL diseasesTuberculosisin medieval times was related to vampires because they cough out blood1 in 3 who come into contact with the disease will get sick the other 2 will notwwwnotesolutioncom
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