Week 11 Lecture

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Environmental Hazards to Specific Populations Environmental Hazards to Specific Populations 1. Childrens environmental health 2. Womens health and environment 3. Workers and noise hazards 4. Elderly and environmental health 1A. Childrens Environmental Health children are vulnerable population, cases higher than adults Different exposure patterns between children and adults The limited diet of children Behaviour unique to children How and where children spend their time The impact of short statue The limited diet of children 3-4 times more food in proportion to their body size than adults Children eat more food, drink more water, and breathe more air than their body weight Fewer types of food limited choices, e.g. only milk for babies Breast milk is contaminated with organic chemicals (organic chemicals are soluble in fats), so babies are exposed to organic chemicals Large quantities of specific foods Especially during their first couple of years (i.e. more vegetables) Drink more water relative to their body weight Since they drink more, they are exposed more Behaviour unique to children Mouthing behaviour (2-6 olds touch their mouths about 9 times every hour) Ingestion of soil (Deliberate or compulsive behaviour) Paint (recent recalls of toys from China because of high levels of lead) Small objects Infectious agents Disinfection byproducts children love to swim, in the swimming pools there are disinfection byproducts (chlorination), and children swallow more water than adults, so they can consume more of this disinfection byproducts than adults Skin exposure to disinfection byproducts or chlorine has increased their chance to absorb and be exposed to contaminants Participation in certain athletics andor risky activities Construction sites Swimming Risky playing activities climbing up the trees Exposure to sun www.notesolution.com
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