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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Environmental Science Lecture 1Assignments should be put in the boxes of SW223 Each TA will put the name and course code We should put the assignments in our TAs boxesExam format Mcqs 45 options and Tf questionsWhat is environmental health According to the WHO In its broadest sense environmental health comprises those aspects of human health disease and injuries that are determined or influenced by factors in the environmentThis includes the study of both the direct pathological effects of variouschemicalphysicalsocial environment housing urban development land use and transportationEnvironment is everything that affects a living organismEffect of environment on human health is so greatAirWaterSoilManmade environment factories sewage swamp industry etcEnvironmental HealthHuman population and consumptionHuman alteration of Earth is substantial and growing In a couple of decades the population would exceed the limit Resources will become scarceProtecting the environment has been a mainstay of public health practices since 1878Environmental factors responsible for 25of all preventable diseasesDiarrhea and respiratory infections heading in the listRichpoorScientist used to compare African AmericansHispanicWhites and see the quality of their lives and number of cases related with the environmental issues Health problems Whites have better quality of lives and less exposed to the environmental and pollution Developeddeveloping countriesTypes of hazardChemical hazards chemicals in air water soil and foodBiological hazards bacteria viruses parasites allergens animals such as bees and poisonous snacksCultural hazards unsafe working conditions poor diet drugs drinking driving poverty number 1 hazardPhysical hazards radiation fire tornado hurricane volcanic eruption earthquakeVideo by Everyday carcinogens Acting for Prevention in the Face of Scientific UncertainityFeatured by Dr Sandra SteingraberLecture 3 Water hazards and Human healthNote Assignments to be submitted to SW223Liquid natural capitol Earth is water planet
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