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Environmental Science
Silvija Stefanovic

EESA10 Lecture 2 Monday, May 13, 2013 12:04 PM Cue Column: Note-Taking Area: Airborne Hazards & Human Health Londonsmog • Still has huge impact • Industrial revolution,coal ○ Sulfur ==> sulfur dioxide ○ Really cold,therefore had to heat house, used coal ○ Air stagnant (no air circulation) ○ Pollutantsreleased was staying there ==> so thick smog, almost like fog • Research doneshows Sulfur dioxide& smoke responsible for deaths • Resolved by itself, nothingwas done, esp in short time • UK switched from coal to gas • Londonnow very clean b/c of actions/changeby them IndonesianFires • Tropical area, slash and burn}slash burn forests to make soil fertile • Wet and dry seasons ○ Monsoon helps to extinguish fires }naturally controlled • '97 monsoon came late, fire continueddamaging, growing areas ○ Smog and air pollutantsreleased to atmosphere ○ Sometimes out of human control Outdoorair pollution • Types ○ Human  Mobile, vehicles, traffic  Stationary(factories) □ Primary air pollutants □ 2ndary air pollutants  Primary reacts with air ○ Natural • Effects depend on concentration/dose ○ Response to pollutants  Becomes more severe • Particulate matter ○ Particles suspended in air ○ 2 groups  PM 10 □ Particles < 10 microbes  PM 2.5 □ < 2.5 microbes ○ Small particles can cause more harm  Travels further in system • CO ○ We are exposed to little amounts  Ex. Runningcar in garage (closed) ○ Hemoglobin has high affinity for CO than O2 ○ Prevention is best cure  Detectors • NOx ○ Any type of combustion ○ Nitric less soluble in water than sulfuric ○ Nitric acids mostly producedin vehicles ==> nitric acid productof traffic  External burning(outside, ex. Garbage burning)  Internal (in cars/traffic) • SOx
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