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Lecture 11

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Global Climate Change and Human Health Are we going to be able to adjust to the changes in the environment as human beings? Currently, everyone agree climate change is happening, now everybody is waiting to see what will happen The Earth’s Natural Greenhouse Effect The energy from the Sun warms the Earth’s surface  This energy then radiates back towards space  Clouds and CO a2e heated and radiate heat in all directions o Methane is the most significant Greenhouse gas (cows) while CO is the most 2 significant Greenhouse gas produced from humans Greenhouse gasses include water vapour, CO ,2CH ,4and N O2 Processess Affecting Increase of Increase of Green House Gasses Fossil Fuels  Electricity generated by coal 42%  Transportation 24%  Industrial process 20%  Residential and commercial uses 14% Clearing and burning of grass lands Raising large numbers of livestock (methane) When wetlands lose a lot of its plants, there is a large formation of peat  Peat absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide Largest Emitters of CO 2 Canada is ranked 8 in the world, at 2.3%  This is still 4 times larger than it should be China & Taiwan are ranked first at 24.4% nd  US is ranked 2 at 22.2% Present Problems  The 20 century was the hottest century in the past 1000 years  The 20 warmest years occurred since 1980  The sea level is rising Harmful or Beneficial Effect Agriculture  Shortage of some types of food Water Resources  Changes in water supply  Increased salinization of water o Take time, money and energy to fix water  Increased drought or flooded Biodiversity  Extinction of some species
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