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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

1. When Melanie gets depressed she eats a bag of chips . She then forces herself to vomit when she gets concerned about her gaining weight. She is suffering from: bulimia nervosa. 2. Buying lottery tickets with the hopes that it will earn big eventually is an example of which type of schedules of reinforcement? Variable ratio schedule. 3. In which phase of the human response cycle does the heart rate and muscle tension increase further? Plateau 4. After hearing a humours joke Jake responds with a smile rather than a laugh. Jakes emotion conforms to which display rule? Deintesification 5. Amanda tries to look less sad by giving a small smile. Amanda is using which technique to control her emotion expression? Masking 6. Herman ebingaus, conducted some of the first experiments as he sought out to investigate memory and the association between remembering and forgetting 7. Cases where you studying one person, what is this study called? Case study 8. Any behaviour that is followed by a pleasant outcome is likely to be repeated than behaviours that produce unpleasant outcomes are termed as: LAW OF EFFECT. 9. DISPLAY RULES are the norms of the control of emotional expression 10.When tissue is damaged, how do the A delta fibers and C fibers signal pain? A -delta fibers transmit sharp initially but C fibers cause the longer throbbing pain. 11.MIRROR NEURONS is a neural component that plays a critical role in imitating behaviour and prediction of future behaviours. 12.FMRI studies examing inactive or resting states of consciousness suggest that our neural patterning during these moments is ACTIVE. 13.Using Gmail to organize all dates, appointments, tests. These aids prevent your absentmindess may be seen as assisting your prospective memory system. Remembering to do things in the future. 14.What do we call the difference in electric charge between the inside and outside of a neurons cell membrane? What is the approximate value and charge of this difference when inside? RESTING POTENTIAL AND -70MV 15.Emotions can be mapped on which two dimensions? Valence-how positive or negative an experience is and arousal- how active or passive an experience is. 16.Studies of self-consciousness in humans and apes used what object to get at the behaviours associated with self-consciousness? Mirrors 17.Which part of the brain is critical for both race and delay conditioning? Cerebellum 18.The purpose for psychological cause of an action is referred to as motivation 19.APPROACH motivation is a motivation to experience positive outcome while motivation to not experience negative outcome is a avoidance motivation 20.Sincere expressions last between half a second to 5 seconds 21.Within a cell there are 23 pairs of CHROMOSOMES, and these structures have thousands of genes that are sections of DNA. 22.The six universal facial expressions of emotions are ang
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