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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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Disappearing Male VideoLess males now because of chemicalsMales being hit hard because of the chemicalsGrowing evidence that there is something wrong with the health of males sperm counts decreasing male infertility and sperm abnormality increasing testicular cancer rates increasing in past 20 yearsManmade chemicals are responsible for effects on males these chemicals are everywhere60 years ago synthetic chemicals were a futuristic thing since then over 90 000 synthetic chemicals have been produced and most of them over 85havent been tested for their effects on human beings and their bodiesOver the past 50 years we have learnt how to make these chemical over the next 50 years we will learn the effects of them like Titanic we see the iceberg but cant turn the ship aroundChemicals found in every product they make our computers flame resistant make cosmetics smell fresh and fragrant fabrics flame resistant Bisphenol A make plastics hard and unbreakable phthalates make plastics soft and pliableSome chemicals are more damaging to boys Young adult males have shown to have lower sperm counts in the past few decadesproduces less than half the normal amount and about 85 of that is abnormal quality and quantity of sperm decreasing WHO standards for classifying males as fertile has moved downwards from 60 millionmL to 40 millionmL to 20 millionmL now talking about reducing it to 10 millionmL cant have too many people being classified as infertile3 things to assess male fertility volume sperm count speedmotility how mobile they are and morphologyIdea that chemicals can influence male fertility and reproduction in dramatic ways is known well in wildlifeMale alligators in central Florida who reside in lakes which are polluted with persistent old chemicals like DDT found that male sexual organs of alligators are 13 their normal size and their reproduction rate is 90 below average Have evidence that pesticides can alter the development of testes abnormalities in testes were related to low testosterone levels similar to female
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