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Lecture 11

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Environmental Science
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Michael Petit

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Lec 11- Global Climate Change and Human Health • last 100 000 years was the ice age glaciation period • Climates -> arguments over weather conditions • Climate changes all the time since earths history • Last iceage was 10,000 years ago Green house gases • Energy from the Sun warms the Earth’s surface • Energy radiate back toward space • Water vapor (clouds), CO2, and other gasses are heated • Then they radiate heat (longer wavelength) in all directions (space or warms the air and the Earth’s surface) • CH 4methane amount sig. Inc. in last couple of decades • 1961-2003 inc in these gases seen • photosynthetics seasonal effect winter -> summer Processes affecting increase of green house gases • grass lands -> used in agriculture (deforestation forests are storage of carbon dioxide in biomass) • releases a lot of carbon dioxide when trees are burned • was produced naturally but b.c of human activities we saw a large spike • planting of rice (not as sig. But still contaminates) • rice produced by planted seeds in soil after at some vegetation stay that when cycling of flooding • raising large number of livestock (cow manure) • in flat soil carbon dioxide stays when soil dry it will be released (bioorganic decompression) • LARGEST EMITTERS OF Carbon Dioxide th nd • china was 3/4 place but now is in 2 (industrial revolution usage of coal) • Canada is only 0.5 of works pop so 23% is v.sig • Present Problems • we recorded weather for 150 years • problem for agriculture areas -> contribute to getting less and less water • expect bigger rise in sea level • proves that climate is changing • Future changes • direct-> changes in temp or indirect -> changes in temp lead to changes in appearance of insects inc. in vector borne diseases • food burned is we see seasonal patterns (more often in summer) • inc in cholera lives w/algae and is dominant but inc. in temp will make them active • shellfish poisoning feed on plankton that produces toxins • injuries do to cold weather (have affect on vegetation, animals and indirectly on humans) • heat strokes (events wont be rare) • fastest change is climate (hot places more hot / cold places will be mild) • Global Climate Change • some sci/ don’t believe of climate change -> it’s a normal thing • can be for political /economic reasons • most agree in recent future we’ll see problems (subj. of debate is how serious) • most effected is v.poor countries w/food deficit most of their countries are already hot • hurricanes etc. lead to no safe drinking water • positive effects for climate change • some ppl think that agriculture will inc. might produce crops further north • Ozone Depletion • indirect effects on vegetations • sunbath -> many ppl get cold sores on lips (result of immune sys) • ground ozone and contaminants • stratosphere -> protects us from UV (3-5 km thick) allows 5% to go through and 95% is fi
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