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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Chapter 3 Water Quality and Water ResourcesWater is essential to human life and it is needed to be plentiful for human to surviveIndustrial wastes and climate change pose both new and old threats to our water supplyThe next info is going to be about how to maintain quality and water quantityIntroductionthWe endure the potential diseases in contaminated water since the 19 centuryoSome diseases include diarrheal diseases which kill 2 million annuallyEven though we have improved our ways of water sanitation it still leaves 20 without improved drinking suppliesEvidence have shown that changing the means of human waste disposal is much better than purifying your water suppliesSources of WaterTheres also surface water and theres ground wateroSurface water is Streams lakes and riversmost contaminated because its on the surfacebeing prone to chemicals and microbial pathogens from waste runoff from nearby landoGround water isArtesian or other types of wellsNot as contaminated because its beneath the soil which act as filters for the waterHowever ground water can be contaminated if waste on top seeps throughsuch as a landfillOnce ground water is contaminated the water stays contaminated for a long time
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