EESA10 Assignment 1

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

1A truck spills methyltertbutylether a solvent that is highly mobile in groundwater on the ground not too far from Michaels drinking water well and Michael watches the chemical soak into the ground But Michael isnt worried that his well water will be contaminated What is a simple explanation for Michaels calm reaction 6 marks Craft a paragraph providing at least 2 reasons Also provide at least ONE referenceMTBE is added to gasoline and is known for polluting ground water supply throughout USA Canada and many other countries Kroft S 2000 MTBE was initially used in processing gasoline to reduce air pollution caused when gasoline is burnt as a fuel Kroft S 2000 As mentioned earlier a truck spills MTBE near Michaels well and he observes the chemical seeping into the ground in front of him and does not take any action It is a given fact that MTBE due to its high mobility will seep into the ground and pollute the ground water hence pollute the water in Michaels well If Michael is aware how harmful MTBE is there must be a way this chemical is biodegraded in the sediment within his area It is possible that the ground contains Almena and Ronan aquifer sediments which are responsible for aerobic mineralization 14of MTBE Landmeyer J These particular sediments mineralize MTBE into CO at an 2incubated temperature of 24C without producing any other harmful chemicals Landmeyer J The mineralization of MTBE is due to the biological activity which means that microorganisms 14are a key factor behind MTBE reduction andaccumulation Landmeyer J The aerobic CO2mineralization decreases with temperature over the range of 4C to 24C However MTBE mineralization maximizes 24C because that temperature is ideal for biological activity Landmeyer J Despite of having a fixed ideal temperature mineralization can also occur at low temperatures Thus even if the temperature of Michaels area is low he shouldnt be
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