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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

HUMAN HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTLec 5 Radiation Radionuclides and Human Healtheveryone is exposed to radiationtwo kinds of radiation background radiation and manmade radiation1Background radiationnatural radioactivity in the Earth and by cosmic rays from outer spacethe majority of radiation of Earth 82 of all radiationit cannot be controlled2Manmade radiation found in electronic products xray machines Xray diagnostics television sets microwave ovens radar devices lasers can and should be controlledtwo kinds of manmade radiation ionized and nonionizedIonized radiationthe blue squares on the diagramie ultraviolet Xrays cosmic raysradioactive material that decay spontaneously produce ionizing radiationshort waves and high energyable to strike atom biomolecules and able to remove the electrons and change the valence state of molecule create two charged ionscan break chemical bonds alpha rats beta particles gamma rays and xraysall differ in the amount of energy they haveionizing radiation can produce two different kinds of health effects stochastic and nonstochasticStochastic health effectschronic
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