HUMAN HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT Disappearing Male Documentary notes

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

HUMAN HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENTThe Disappearing Male Documentarysperm worldwide have been cut in half in half over the last 50 yearssperm abnormalities and the rates of male infertility have radically increasedrates of testicular cancer has doubled over the last 20 yearsit is believed that certain manmade chemicals in products interfere with the male hormonal system these chemicals are everywheresince 60 years ago chemical industry has developed 90000 manmade compounds and a vast majority of them have never been tested for their effect on human beingschemicals are found in virtually every consumer productbisphenol A make plastic hard and unbreakablephthalates make plastic soft and pliablesome synthetic chemicals are more damaging to boys but for reasons not really unknowntypical young man produces less than half the amount of sperm his father did and up to 85 of this sperm is abnormalthis change has been sudden and dramaticWHO for classifying a man as infertile have moved downwardsfirst it was 60 millionmL then down to 40 millionmL now its 20 millionmL and theyre talking ab
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