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Environmental Science
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Silvija Stefanovic

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EESA10LECTURE 1Slide 13Health is an attribute of an individual Ecosystem heathSlide 14Chemical eg DDT endocrinePhysical noise RadiationBiological viruses and bacteriaSocial occupational exposure chemical noiseSlide 15AirindooroutdoorWaterdrinkingavailabilitySoil inhalationingestfoodcontaminationManmade buildingscarsEnvironmental degradation exaggerates the imbalance bw people and resourcesIncreases cost of development and worsens povertyInteractions bw poverty population growth and environmental development Slow down economic development and worsen population healthSlide 1620Biosphere deforestation species extinction alien speciesIndustrialization air pollutionOverpopulation how much earth can contain Capacity reachSlide 21Increase UVthinning of ozonePredatorscompetitioneg decline in species of frogsthis problem has been recorded in every period of human history but todays degradation is rapid and creating a crisis The driving forces are population growth and industrializationmore industrialization than growth populationa powerful determinant of environmental transformationSlide 22Diarrhea and respiratory infections heading the list in developing countriesstndBelieve that by 2020 will drop then 1 will be love disease 2 is mental disease will be seen in all countriesProtecting the environment has been a mainstay of public health practices since 1878thFor example England is 19 century due to cholerareduced due to chlorination of waterRich and poorincreased concern about environmental degradationSlide 23Solution of environmental crisisStop environmental degradationChange relationship between developed and developing countriesDevelop longterm educational strategies to reach to respect environmentSlide 24Industrial chemicals POPsPersistent organic pollutants medical waste is a significant source of toxic pollution and endocrine disruption garage incinerationdioxin and mercury found in blood that imitateblock actions of hormonesLast slide video link
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