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Environmental Science
Silvija Stefanovic

Gagandeep Saluja01232008Human Health and the EnvironmentLecture 3 Waterborne Hazards and Human Health AnnouncementsThere have been numerous questions regarding the dates for the midterm and final exam These dates have yet to be finalized by the registrars office The professor has requested that we have the gym for one room to write in If this is the case the midterm examination will take place the week after the reading week This is just preliminary information as we do not know a day or time As soon as the date for the midterm is finalized it will be posted on the intranet The video for lecture one will be posted tomorrow for us to watch Remember late submissions of assignments will not be accepted period Assignment 1Read through the assignment carefully in detail Ask the TA questions Give your idea and ask if it is correct You can ask basically anything you want After that if you still do not know what to do you are not clear you want to learn more professor is available from 4PM to 6PM to answer questions regarding the assignment Go to TA first for the TA is fully responsible for the assignments The assignment is to be done singlespaced Question 3 is a maximum of two pages including the references It could be shorter than two pages The major idea is important Find scientific papers published in scientific journals to support your opinion or get more information regarding the question You can use other books and internet resources to elaborate if you like Make sure you are getting reliable information from the web Try to be original and do not be repetitiveQuestion 1 Discuss environmental risks to your health Explain this is the risk I have that risk that will affect my health what will happen to me are you going to potentially experience some lung damage or is it canceroussay why and how you know that Did you learn that in lecture read it in a book is it from the internet how do you know that risk is associated with that health affect Make sure that you explain What type of risks or hazards The hazards include chemical physical social biological cultural or environmental hazards Is this a season of flu Do you take TTC drink tap water smoke drink andor drive a car indoor environmentmany different risks Do you eat breakfast does your roommate smoke Can we have an overlapping of the risks It could be but try not to do it because if you have idea for five you do not have to repeat itQuestion 2 An explanation is needed If you start right away you can get help from TA Liquid natural capitolWater generally is a liquid capitol natural capitolWhy is it natural Water is available everywhere in nature we are surrounded by waterEven our body is mostly consisted of waterEarth is a water planet71 of our surface is covered with waterNot all of this water is available for us for our consumptionWhy Mostly salty waterwe are surrounded by huge oceans and huge seasLife SupportEESA10H3 S
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