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Lecture 4

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Environmental Science
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Jovan Stefanovic

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EESA10 Lecture 4 Chemical Hazards and Human Health Chemical HazardsEndocrine disrupterssome chemicals released into the environment are very similar in their properties in there distribution and effects to endocrine hormones o These chemicals mimic some hormonestherefore our body sometimes confuses these chemicals for the hormones o They disrupt the hormones normal function in the body because the metabolism in our body will be different when regulated by the chemicalwhich cant regulate normally o The effects can be direct and indirectDirect chemicals bind to the hormone receptor Some appearance of the gene can be altered which may lead in the inaccurate protein production Indirect can cause lower or higher level of the hormone productiono These endocrine disrupters do not cause really severe effects in human adults However fetuses are extremely sensitive Example 1thyroid gland being one of the endocrine gland produces T3 and T4if the women has lower level of thyroid hormone slightly lower and the women becomes pregnantit will tremendously affect the development of the fetus causes lower IQ slower mental development Example 2 DESprescribed to prevent spontaneous abortion Although the mothers and their kids were okay the grandchildren had problems Listed on the slideEndocrine disrupters Feminization of males in roosters Bird defects caused by teratogenic chemicals
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