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Lecture 8

EESA Notes Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Lecture Week 8Foodborne Hazards and Human HealthTransmissible Diseaseso BacteriaEscherichia coli from drinking waterSalmonellosisBotuslim an illness from bacteria o Viruses o ParasitesNontransmissible o Shellfishassociated toxins o Color additives o Bioengineered foods o Obesity o DiabetesTransmissible DiseasesTypes of food that are prone to contamination o NAmerica has one of the food supplies in the world however there is a still a significant amount of foodborne illness o Meat milk dairy products unpasteurized fruit and vegetables juices raw or undercooked eggs chicken tuna potato and macaroni salads cream filled pastries fresh produce spices chocolate seafood o Careless handling can lead to diseasesFood cannot stay in room temperature for a long timeHot food and cold food should not be kept in room temperature for a long time and is a perfect environment for bacteria growthImproper cooking of raw meat contaminated during process can lead to foodborne illnessesCutting boards and kitchen tools If you cut meat with a cutting tool do not reuse that tool on cutting vegetables unless proper cleaning of the tool has been doneSymptoms of Foodborne illnesses o Diarrhea abdominal cramping fever vomiting headache sometimes blood in the stool o Usually lasts only a day or two sometimes 710 days o These symptoms for most people are not life threatening and dont require any medical help most often o Sever e cases may occur in children older people and those with serious conditionsPrevention of Foodborne illnesses o The prevention begins in the supermarketWhen buying food always check the labels for expiration dates dont buy open packages of meat dont buy vegetables from the trunk of a car dont buy sushi from a homeless manStore the product in a safe place to keep them away from robbers If the food belongs in the freezer it must be kept in the freezerFood should be prepared in a clean kitchen Do not clutter the kitchen counter sink table and etc
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