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Lecture 10

EESA Notes Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Lecture 10 Environmental Hazards to Specific PopulationsEnvironmental Hazards to Specific Populations 1 A Childrens environmental health a huge topic and the most importantWhy are children so much more harmed than adultsBecause o f the limited diet of children the behaviour unique to children how and where children spend their time and the impact of their short heightLIMITED DIET OF CHILDREN o Diseases and illness environmentally related are becoming more popular amongst children o Why are children more at risk They eat more drink more and breathe more air in comparison to their body size o Children eat 34 times more food in proportion to their body size than adults o They eat fewer types of food mostly rely on milk which can contain dioxins from the mothers breasts and large quantities of specific foodsAn average infant less than one year old consumes 1517 times more apple juice and 1415 times more pears than adultsCow milk products comprise 36 and 58 of the diet of the nursing and nonnursing infants respectivelyThus a contaminated food can cause great amounts of harm to childrenBEHAVIOUR UNIQUE TO CHILDREN o Mouthing behaviour 26 year olds touch their mouths about 9 times every hourThe mouth is a means of exploring and understandingThis can lead to the ingestion ofSoilsPaintSmall objectsInfections agentsDisinfection byproducts eg from swimming pool o Children enjoy participation in certain athletics andor risky activitiesPlaying in construction sitesSwimmingRiskyplaying activitiesExposure to the sun lack of sunscreenSmokingadolescentsHOW AND WHERE CHILDREN SPEND THEIR TIME o Spend most of their time indoors where pollution is 25 times greater than outside o The crawl and play on the floor so they are exposed to dust pollutants infectious agents and radon o Outside they are playing on the grass and are exposed to pesticides and skin infections and maybe even animal fecesTHE IMPACT OF SHORT STATUE o The breathing zone of adults is about 46 above the floor or ground o The childrens breathing zone are much lower
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