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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

EESA10 Human Health and the Environment LECTURE 2 - Smog and air pollution became problems in the beginning of the industrial revolution Slide: Case Study 1: London Smog, 1952 - 2 weeks of December 1952, London is known for humid air and during those 15 days, temperature was relatively low, humidity was high (80%), air was stagnantstill; cold weather and fog increased the demand for heating (coal burning) - Huge amount of ash, particulate matter, and sulphuric acid was released in a short period of time by the burning of coal in still air (in addition to coal already being burnt by industries) - About 4000 people died as a result of the air pollutionsmog o The peak in the number of deaths coincided with the peak in both smoke and sulphur dioxide levels (as shown in slide figure) - The crisis was solved by changing the climate; serves as a warning for other countries of the need to improve air quality - Southern ON has many heavily polluted cities (Hamilton, Kitchener, etc) Slide: Case Study 2: Indonesian Fires, 1997 - Slash and burn practices: common in tropical countries; burn down a forest to clear the area, use the land for agriculture and then after a few years, abandon the area and move onto to burn another one - During this particular incident, the rain was late, so people used the period to burn even more areas, and since the rain was not on time to put out the fire, it spread fast and wide - Problem solved when the rain came - Huge amount of particulate matter (ashes) leaked into the atmosphere Slide: Outdoor Air Pollution - Air pollution can be divided into human sources and natural sources o Human sources can be further divided into stationary (industries) and mobile (vehicles)
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