Study Guide for Lecture 3: with information from lecture slides + information added by prof during lecture

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

EESA10 Human Health and the Environment LECTURE 3 Slide: Liquid water capitol - The earth is a water planet; water covers about 71% of the surface, most of which is salt water o Salt water limits its usage and makes it more expensive - No species can do without water o 60% of the human body is water - Water sculpts the earths surface; changes the shape of the earth (soil erosion, soil movement, rain, etc) - Water helps to moderate climate; more water = milder climate - Global issues: quality and quantity of water o 2.6% of available water is fresh water, 97.4% is salt water o Only 0.014% of fresh water is readily accessible, Ground water is also a possible supply of water, but it cannot be considered easily accessible Slide: Drinking Water - Water contains minerals, Ca, Na, K, etc. needed by humans o Pure water is not good, stripped of minerals which are needed (distilled water is bad to drink) How is drinking water treated? - Water from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs: (mechanical purities (plant parts, particles, etc.) need to be removed) put into settling tanks, coagulants are added, water is filtered, chemical treatment (chlorination) o Victorian Time: water was polluted with microbes, resulting in many deaths from different types of diarrhea, but then the discovery of chlorination improved it - Groundwater: naturally filtered, contains less organic matter, often does not need any treatment
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