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Lecture 6

Study Guide for Lecture 6: information from lecture slides + information added by prof during lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

EESA10 Human Health and the Environment LECTURE 6 Slide: Radiation and Human Health - We cannot escape radiation exposure; it is all around us, different types of radiation have different affects on us. - Natural radiation (sunlight, cosmic rays from outer space) cannot be controlled, manmade radiation (x-ray machines, microwaves, lasers, radar devices) can be controlled Slide: Radiation and Human health - Ionized radiation is radiation that has so much energy that it can change atoms (by pushing electrons out of the atom) and form (strong) ions; dangerous form of radiation, is able to break chemical bonds that are important to the human body - Non-ionized radiation is low energy radiation that cannot do much to an atom (does not exhibit enough energy to change atoms) Slide: Health effects from exposure to radionuclides - Stochastic health effects: result from long term, low levels of exposure, increased levels of exposure make these effects more likely to occur but the type or severity of the effect do not change o Cancer: uncontrolled cell growth o DNA changes: teratogenic effects (birth defects); mothers exposure to radiation (most sensitive in weeks 8-15 of pregnancy) will cause the fetus to have health problems (genetic mutations) - Non-stochastic health effects: result from short term, high levels of exposure, increased levels of exposure make the effects more severe
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