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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Human Health and the Environment Lecture 1: Welcome to Human Health and the Environment EESA10H3 Intranet N Outline N Suggested readings N LECTURE NOTES N ASSIGNMENTS N ANNOUNCEMENTS N Midterm results N And all other information Introduction N My name: Dr. Silvija Stefanovic N Office: SW-410 N Lecture: Wednesday 7J9 PM, AC-223 N Email: [email protected] N Office hours: Wednesday 4-6 PM 9}ZZ}[[email protected]]Z N Attending the lectures and reading are important N There will be nothing more on the exam that the professor at least mentions in class N Read at least the textbook in order to think and answer a tricky question N The more you read the better equipped will find your way to solve a problem (easier and faster) Grading Assignments (2) 20% Mid-Term Examination 30% Final Examination 50% Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions (5 choices from A to E) True and False Questions (T or F) All exams will be done on a Scranton Sheet The midterm exam will most likely be held after the reading week. The final exam is cumulative. TA Office SW- 507A Wing-Shun Wu: Office Hours on Friday 12PM-2PM ASSIGNMENTS SUBMITTED LATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. EXTENSION WILL BE GRANTED ONLY WITH A MEDICAL NOTE. Textbook: Life support: The environment and human health. Michael McCally, MIT press, Cambridge 2002. In the Book store Available online Available on short term loan Life Support EESA10H3 S www.notesolution.com
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