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Environmental Science
Maria Dittrich

EESA11- lec 3 For international picture read the boo Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are major precursors of acid deposition** Be cause they are creating acid (sulfuric acid when wet, sulfate when dry) look at slide Atmosphere always has water vapour and has contact with water vapours. Precursors can create acid Sunlight increases reaction Once we have the two main precursors in contact with the water we create the acid, when in dry deposition they can be transformed into the different particles. Both cases there are very strong impact. Other pollutants contribute to the acid pollution What is pH** Anything below 5 pH s acid rain pH=-log10(aH+) when talking about acid we are talking about H+ 1970 US Clean air act- tried to reduce sulphur from pollution. So created a 300m above ground level thing to distribute the pollutants all over and not have them concentrated n one place, trying to make it safe but that created more damage everywhere Sources of pollutant that form acid deposition: most imp for nitrogen is transportation. For sulfur t is electric power plants ** Anthropogenic emissions: CO is the main thing Source of emissions: transporation and fuel combustion in stationary sources are main** What are the sources of So2 in Canada** Sulphur dioxide- the main sources are coal burning electrical plants. In Canada though they don’t have that many coal burning stuff, we have sud Canada: industrial sources US: Electrical utilities For nitrogen: main problem is the transportation so iti s hard to solve. It contributes 53% 50% of acid rain from the states is cong to Ontario Because of the climate In 2020, the hole area will be affected by acid rain Calcium deposition pr
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